Reflecting on the importance of our children as the torchbearers of tomorrow, a recent commercial served as a poignant reminder.


Filming amidst the bustling city center posed numerous challenges, yet our skilled steadicam operator, Siim, deftly navigated the complexities with both the steadicam and Trinity 2 at his disposal. Working closely with Director of Photography Sonja, he ensured every shot captured her vision flawlessly. Central to our endeavor was the Moviebird 45ft telescopic crane, stationed in the heart of the action to film a grand scene featuring hundreds of children. Despite logistical hurdles, including ongoing reconstructions in nearby alleys, we persevered, dismantling and reassembling the crane to capture each moment seamlessly. Though the project was arduous, the final result is nothing short of spectacular, a testament to the dedication and teamwork involved.

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