Siim Kaarel Saluri

Partner, Film and Commercial branch


Trinity 2 operator
Steadicam operator
Crane operator
Stabilized head technician/operator
Remotehead operator
Camera operator


Mastering the Art of Steadicam: Siim Kaarel’s Journey

Since 2010, Siim Kaarel has been dedicated to perfecting the craft of Steadicam operation. His enduring passion for motion picture and the pursuit of dynamic shots have been the driving forces behind his remarkable journey.

In 2011, Siim Kaarel undertook a pivotal step in his career by attending the esteemed Steadicam Gold Workshop in Philadelphia. This experience marked a significant milestone, solidifying his foundation in the realm of precision cinematography. By 2013, he had already assumed the role of an assistant instructor, imparting his knowledge and expertise at the workshop held in Oxford.

Siim Kaarel’s work transcends conventional cinematography, as he seamlessly orchestrates motion to elevate each frame into a compelling visual narrative. With an unwavering commitment to both artistry and technical finesse, he imbues every scene with a distinct sense of purpose and emotion.

Explore Siim Kaarel’s portfolio, where each shot is a testament to his mastery of the Steadicam. Witness a craftsman who breathes life into every frame, creating lasting impressions that resonate long after the final cut. Step into a world where each moment is meticulously crafted, showcasing the essence of true cinematic artistry.

Notable works

Feature films

“Bayoneta” DOP Guillermo Garza
“The Humorist” DOP Alexander Surkala
“Ikitie” DOP Rauno Ronkainen
“Bodom” DOP Daniel Lindholm
“The Fencer” DOP Tuomo Hutri
“Dark Christ” DOP Tuomo Hutri
“Ihmisen Osa” DOP Jani-Petteri Passi
“Tõde ja õigus” DOP Rein Kotov
“Omerta” DOP Rauno Rokainen
“One day” DOP Mika Orasmaa
“Sorjonen” DOP Mika Orasmaa
“Helene” DOP Rauno Ronkainen (won the Silver Frog on Camera image)
“Omerta” DOP Rauno Ronkainen/Mika Orasmaa
“The Twin” DOP Daniel Lindholm
“Memory of Water” DOP Kjell Lagerroos
“Sisu” DOP Kjell Lagerroos

Related projects

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