Toorion Ojaperv

Rental Manager


Key grip
Dolly grip
Rigging grip
Car rigs
Crane operator
Stabilized head operator
Team leader
Solution oriented


Meet Toorion: A Filmmaker Since Childhood 🎥

Toorion’s love for movies started early, around age 10. His go-to show back then was Movie Magic (1994-1997), a peek behind the scenes of big Hollywood hits. Even in grade school, he and his pals cooked up short films that snagged prizes.

In 2010, he kicked off his pro gig as a grip assistant. Fast forward, and Toorion’s now a top-notch Key Grip, lending a hand to loads of local and global projects. He’s the guy you want for tech smarts and steady hands.

Since 2023, he’s been holding the fort as a rental manager at the office. But don’t let that fool you – he still swings by the set now and then, making sure he’s on top of his game.

Scroll down to check out Toorion’s work. It’s a testament to his love for the craft. Every scene, every move – it’s all proof of a guy who speaks the language of filmmaking. Welcome to a world where passion and skill make movie magic happen.

Notable works

Feature films

🇪🇪 Kalev (2022) – grip assistant
🇫🇮 The Knocking (2022) key grip
🇫🇮 Attack on Finland (2021) – key grip, best boy grip, dolly grip
🇪🇪 Apteeker Melchior (2020) – key grip, dolly grip, rigging, Ronin 2 operator
🇪🇪 Dawn of war (2020) – dolly grip


🇸🇪 Roslund & Hellström: Cell 8 – Best boy grip (2022)
🇫🇮 Arctic Circle (2023, Season 3) – Motocrane head operator


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