In the frozen wilderness of Lapland in 1944, a farmer stumbles upon a hidden cache of gold. What should be a dream discovery quickly turns into a nightmare, as the news sets off a chain reaction of chaos, greed, and violence. As everyone from desperate soldiers to ruthless opportunists descends upon the region, the farmer finds himself in the middle of a deadly struggle for survival. With all hell breaking loose, he must use every ounce of resourcefulness and courage to protect his newfound treasure—and his life.


The behind-the-scenes work on this project was some of the most intricate and demanding we’ve ever experienced. Director of Photography Kjell Lagerroos envisioned dynamic and complex shots, requiring our crew to push their skills to the limit. Siim Kaarel, in particular, took on multiple roles, serving as both steadicam operator and camera operator. However, on special equipment days, he became the expert operating the stabilized head on telescopic cranes and the motocrane pursuit car.

One of our most unique setups involved mounting a trailer behind the pursuit car, complete with an additional stabilized head rig. This creative arrangement allowed us to capture moving scenes from multiple angles, with two cameras working in tandem to create breathtaking action sequences.

Witnessing the end result and seeing the film’s worldwide success made all the hard work worthwhile. Our team’s adaptability and commitment to the project were key in bringing Kjell’s dynamic vision to life on screen. A big thank you to Jalmari and Kjell for trusting us to deliver their cinematic vision to audiences everywhere.

Check out SISU on IMDb https://www.imdb.com/title/tt14846026/

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