The Vault XL Crashbox

Don’t compromise on your camera’s safety—choose The Vault and film with confidence and vever miss an action scene!


Protecting your camera is paramount, especially in high-risk filming scenarios. With The Vault, your camera stays safe in any dangerous filming situation, whether you’re capturing close-ups of explosions or rigging it into a car about to crash.

The Vault’s crashbox system is robust and easy to use, ensuring your camera package is securely held from both the bottom and the top. Mounting the camera into the enclosure is a breeze, and swapping the optic acrylic glass takes mere seconds—just undo two bolts and slide out the glass, no need to open the enclosure.

The Vault offers countless rigging possibilities with multiple 3/8″, M8, and M10 threads on every side. Plus, it features an integrated battery plate and power distribution system with multiple power In/Out connectors both inside and outside the enclosure. Two SDI passthrough ports allow you to feed video out without leaving any openings for dust and water to enter. Additionally, there’s an opening for any other cables needed, ensuring seamless connectivity.

The Vault’s active cooling system prevents overheating in warmer environments, ensuring your camera performs at its best regardless of the conditions.

Compatible with Most Cameras and Accessories: The Vault fits most modern cameras, including Alexa Mini, LF, 35, Sony Venice, and more, along with a wide variety of lenses and add-ons. Its maximum camera package dimensions are 540mm (length) x 280mm (width) x 250mm (height), providing ample room for matte boxes and filter trays with easy access through the front window.

Please Note: While The Vault offers exceptional protection from flying debris, dust, and liquid drops, it does not dampen the effects of direct hits. Please use the product responsibly, as Fookus Pookus will not bear responsibility for any possible damages.


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