The Vault Mini Crashbox

Protect your camera in any filming situation with Vault Mini. Robust, easy-to-use, and perfect for smaller setups like Red Komodo, Sony FX3, etc.

45€ / day


Meet the little brother of the Vault XL—Vault Mini. Designed to keep your camera safe in any dangerous filming or photography situation, the Vault Mini ensures you can capture every moment with confidence. Whether you’re getting close-ups of explosions or rigging your camera into a car about to crash, the Vault Mini has you covered.

Robust Protection, Easy to Use: The Vault Mini features a robust crashbox system that securely holds your camera package from both the bottom and the top. Mounting your camera is as simple as it gets, and swapping the optic acrylic glass takes mere seconds—no need to open the enclosure.

Versatile Rigging Options: With multiple 3/8″, M8, and M10 threads on every side, the Vault Mini offers countless rigging possibilities to suit your filming needs. Plus, it comes equipped with an integrated battery plate and power distribution system, along with multiple power In/Out connectors both inside and outside the enclosure.

Uninterrupted Connectivity and Cooling: Two SDI passthrough ports allow you to feed video out without worrying about dust or water ingress, and an active cooling system prevents overheating in warmer environments. Additionally, there’s an opening for any other cables needed for seamless connectivity.

Perfect for Smaller Camera Packages: Designed for smaller camera packages like Red Komodo, Sony FX3, BMPCC6K, Canon R5, and Canon C70, the Vault Mini ensures your gear stays protected without compromising on performance. The maximum camera package dimensions are 540mm (length) x 280mm (width) x 250mm (height), with easy lens swapping through the front window.

Please Note: While the Vault Mini provides exceptional protection for your camera, it does not dampen the effects of direct hits. Always use the product responsibly to avoid any possible damages.

For larger camera setups, we recommend the Vault XL.

Don’t let risky filming situations hold you back—trust the Vault Mini to keep your camera safe and secure, so you can focus on capturing the perfect shot every time.


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