DJI Master Wheels

Experience precise and intuitive camera control with the DJI Master Wheels, equipped with ultra-high-resolution optical encoders and customizable controls. Enjoy stable wireless transmission, broad compatibility with leading gimbals, and long battery life, empowering you to elevate your cinematography to new levels of excellence.

95€ / day


DJI MASTER WHEELS: Classic Control, Reimagined

Elevate your cinematography to new heights with the DJI Master Wheels controller, a cutting-edge professional wheel controller system designed for precise and butter-smooth remote camera movement control.

Precise Control

Harness the power of ultra-high-resolution optical encoders and advanced control algorithms to achieve unparalleled precision and repeatability in your camera movements. Crafted from stainless steel with precision CNC machining, the Master Wheels offer steady and accurate operation for every shot.

Easy to Use

Experience intuitive camera control with adjustable control modules and interactive design features. Toggle switches, dials, and customizable buttons empower you to adjust settings and monitor equipment status effortlessly, while the modular design allows for flexible shooting in any environment.

Stable and Reliable

Enjoy stable and reliable performance with dual-frequency wireless transmission supporting a range of up to 3km, as well as low-latency wired connections. Detachable radio transmission modules ensure optimal signal strength, while intelligent functions like Motion Control enhance your creative capabilities.

Broad Compatibility

Compatible with Ronin 2, Ronin-S, and third-party gimbals via S-BUS connection, the Master Wheels offer versatility for any setup. Multiple mounting options, including 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 taps, and a Mitchell mount for tripods and other accessories, ensure seamless integration with your equipment.

Long Battery Life

Powered by TB50 batteries with up to 18 hours of operating time and self-heating functionality, the Master Wheels are ready to tackle any shooting scenario, even in extreme temperatures.

Unlock the full potential of your camera movements with the DJI Master Wheels and redefine what’s possible in cinematography.


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