Panther S-Type Series III Dolly

Unleash your creativity and capture smooth, professional-grade cinematic shots effortlessly. The Panther S-Type Dolly is a state-of-the-art camera dolly designed to elevate your filmmaking projects to new heights.


Crafted with precision German engineering, the S-Type Dolly combines versatility, stability, and maneuverability in one sleek package. Its robust construction ensures superior durability, allowing you to tackle any shooting environment with confidence. Whether you’re working on a film set, a commercial shoot, or a passion project, this dolly will exceed your expectations.

Experience the groundbreaking innovation of the S-Type Dolly, the world’s first camera dolly powered by an electro-mechanical drive system. Unlike other products that rely solely on hydraulic systems, the S-Type Dolly brings numerous advantages. Say goodbye to dripping oil, cumbersome pumps, and constant recharging. Enjoy seamless movements without the need for complex programming or limit functions. Discover the future of dolly technology with the S-Type Dolly, offering unparalleled convenience and efficiency. The Panther S-Type Dolly combines the advantages of different dolly concepts: the scissors-arm and the center-column.

The revolutionary scissors-arm design guarantees a flawless 100% linear movement. With its compact double-arm design, the S-Type Dolly achieves optimal stability while minimizing energy consumption
Groundbreaking patented fullrange technology, developed specifically for the S-Type Dolly. This innovative feature enables the scissors-arm to utilize its full length, allowing for seamless movement both upwards and downwards into the negative range. Say goodbye to the need for an additional high-low rig, as the S-Type Dolly empowers you with unmatched versatility and eliminates unnecessary equipment. Experience the freedom to explore the full range of motion with confidence and ease.

To give maximum flexibility to the operator, the Panther S-Type is equipped with 4 different steering modes:

Experience the ultimate convenience and control with the wireless controller feature of the Panther S-Type Dolly. Seamlessly command the movement of the arm with precision and ease, no longer tethered to cumbersome cables. Gain real-time insights into the exact arm position as it is displayed on your screen, ensuring accurate framing and composition.

Customize your shooting experience by adjusting the speed of the arm, allowing for dynamic and precise camera movements tailored to your creative vision. With the ability to set limits and program automatic movements, the S-Type Dolly empowers you to achieve consistent and repeatable shots effortlessly.

Technical data

Length (Dolly) 96,5 cm / 38″

Width (Dolly) 64,5 cm / 25,4″

Height (Dolly) 39,5 cm / 15,55″ (front) | 48 cm / 18,9″ (rear)

Center Distance (Scissors-Arm) 37 cm / 14,6″

Standard Lift range (Low-Mode) 103 cm / 40,6″

max. Lift range (Super Low-Mode) 146 cm / 57,5″

Transport Weight (Dolly without wheels) 104 kg / 229 lbs

Transport Weight (Scissors-Arm) 64 kg / 141 lbs

Track Width 62 cm (wide) / 48 cm (narrow)

Ground Clearance 21 cm / 8,3″

Payload (Dolly) 800 kg / 1764 lbs

Payload (Scissors-Arm) 100 kg / 220 lbs

Battery 2 x 24V

For more detailed information about the Panther S-Type Dolly, please visit official website at Explore the full range of features, specifications, and capabilities of this exceptional camera dolly. Unleash your creativity and take your filmmaking to the next level with the Panther S-Type Dolly.


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