Axis 1 Wireless focus system

The Axis1 is a simple but full featured single channel professional remote focus system, designed for the high end professional. Built to be simple, easy and robust, it can handle any lens, including the stiffest freezing cold cine zooms, and can even be manually set to work on cheaper stopless DSLR lenses. …



  • Simple but capable single channel remote focus system
  • Automatic end stop and torque calibration, plus manual calibration option
  • Full size 355 degree fluid drag focus knob, with conical or Preston rings available. Very high resolution sensor.
  • Remote camera run function, including Red Epic and Scarlet native support.  Also LANC control for Canon C300/500, Black Magic etc
  • Secure 2.4 ghz transmission with 12 selectable channels, line of sight range, about 100 m
  • Intelligent automatic unit pairing prevents a second unit on the same channel adversely effective the operation of the first unit
  • Incredibly fast and responsive, with no visible latency
  • Unparalleled motor speed and response when used with our HPM-1 Focus motor
  • User definable soft stops on the hand unit to limit the range of the lens
  • Hand unit runs on Canon LP-E6 lithium ion battery, about four shoot days can be expected from each charge
  • Two way data flow between receiver and hand unit
  • Full digital 16 bit transmission
  • Very simple and robust system with very compact receiver unit
  • Electronics design undertaken by engineer with decades of camera motion control and control systems experience


  • Hand unit with 2x batteries and dual charger
  • Receiver unit
  • HPM-1 Motor unit
  • Motor cable
  • D-Tap or XLR power cable
  • Motor clamp ( 15 and 19 mm)
  • Drive gear (0.8, 0.6, 0.5 )
  • 6x  Preston style marking ring
  • Arri run&stop cable
  • Red run&stop cable
  • Canon/BM run&stop cable (LANC)
  • Led focusing light for handunit
  • Hardcase for the unit


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