Oliver Noor


Key grip
Dolly grip
Crane operator
Remotehead operator
Telescopic crane boom operator
TV camera op
Time management
Problem solving


Since 2019, Oliver has been an integral part of the Fookus Pookus team, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to the art of grip work. With a background steeped in technical expertise, he honed his skills at the Estonian Public Broadcasting, where he served as a technician and camera operator prior to joining our ranks.

In 2021, Oliver ascended to the pivotal role of Key Grip, showcasing exceptional leadership and a profound understanding of the craft. His expertise encompasses the intricacies of dolly gripping and the art of crafting camera rigs, solidifying his reputation as a true master of his trade.

Oliver’s proficiency extends to the precise operation of remote heads and the orchestration of cranes, contributing to the success of major television productions in Estonia and Finland. His portfolio is a testament to his meticulous attention to detail and his ability to seamlessly translate a director’s vision into reality.

Embark on a journey with Oliver, where each grip, each rig, and each shot is executed with precision and finesse. Experience firsthand the expertise of a professional who not only comprehends the language of motion but also speaks it fluently.

Notable works

Feature films

“Zeme, kas dzied” DOP Janis Jurkovskis
“Burial” DOP Rein Kotov
“Omerta 6/12” DOP Mika Orasmaa
“Kill the child” DOP Isaac Bauman
“Tagurpidi torn” DOP Elen Lotman
“Erna at war” DOP Joergen Johansson
“Dawn of war” DOP Meelis Veeremets
“Renovation” DOP Anssi Leino


“Cell 8” DOP Benjam Orre
“Besa” DOP Marko Mladenovic
“Bad Apples” DOP Henri Blomberg

Music videos

Karl Killing “Powerless” • DOP Joosep Jürisson
Sevdaliza “Rhodes”  • DOP Cezary Zacharewicz
Saint DX “Xphanie” • DOP Jack Reynolds


Related projects

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