Markko Kirin

Warehouse manager


Low loader (process trailer) driver


🛠️ Markko: The Gear Guardian 🎬

Meet Markko, the unsung hero of our operation. He’s the man behind the scenes, ensuring every piece of equipment is in prime condition and precisely organized in our warehouse. Markko’s meticulous eye guarantees that nothing is out of place.

He’s the gatekeeper of our gear, managing the distribution and meticulously recording each item’s return to the warehouse. Whether it’s cameras, lights, or rigs, Markko ensures they’re in the right hands at the right time.

But Markko isn’t confined to the warehouse. He’s also our go-to driver for process trailers on set, adding another dimension to his versatile skill set. With Markko in charge, you can trust that the gears of our production machine are turning smoothly.


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