Kailo Sinivee


Key grip
Dolly Grip
Telescopic crane boom operator
Stabilized head technician
Low loader driver
Car rigging
Problem solver
Solution oriented


Kailo, the “Lonely Grip”: A Legendary Expert

Meet Kailo, affectionately known as the “Lonely Grip” (we won’t ask why!). In our arsenal, he’s the seasoned veteran, the grip with more projects under his belt than we can count. His expertise spans the Baltics and Scandinavia, making him a true industry titan.

Kailo isn’t just a grip; he’s a mentor to the others in our crew. Whenever a question arises or a technique needs refining, the team turns to him. His wealth of knowledge is invaluable, and his guidance is sought after by all.

If you’re lucky enough to have Kailo on your production, consider it a jackpot. He’s not just proactive; he’s a solution-finding machine. However, be warned, his calendar tends to be a tapestry of commitments. As Kailo`s favourite TV show the A-Team narrator would put it, “If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire… the Lonely Grip.”

Notable works

Feature films

🇪🇪„Põrgu Jaan“ DOP Mart Taniel ESC

(Key grip: Magnum central colum dolly, UTV, Arri Maxima, Blackarm, Steadycam assistent)

🇪🇪„Tõde ja Õigus“ DOP Rein Kotov ESC

(Key grip: Panter twister, UTV, Arri Maxima,GFM Telejib, Panther ubang slider, Steadycam assistent)

🇪🇪„Skandinaavia Vaikus“ DOP Erik Põllumaa ESC

(Process trailer operator, Car rigs)

🇪🇪„Seltsimees Laps“ DOP Rein Kotov ESC

(Key grip: Fisher dolly, Panther twister dolly, UTV with Steadicam, Jimmy jib assistent, Process trailer)

🇪🇪“Eia jõulud Tondikakul” DOP Heiko Sikka ESC

(Key grip, rigging, blackarm, lowloader trailer, Arri Maxima technician, Jimmy jib boom operator)

🇪🇪“Sandra saab tööd” DOP Sten-Johan Lill ESC

(Key grip, Car rigging, Process trailer, tracking vehicle)

🇪🇪“Võta või Jäta” DOP Erik Põllumaa ESC

(Dolly grip, Process trailer, Maxima technician.)

🇩🇰 “Boundless” DOP. Jorge Johansson ( Moviebird 45 boom operator)

🇪🇪“Hüvasti NSVL” DOP Elen Lotman ESC

(Dolly grip,Panther twister, Process trailer operator, Rigging, Arri Maxima Technician)

🇫🇮“Renovation”  DOP Anssi Leino FSC

(Key grip, Scorpio arm 10 operator, Arri SRH-3 head technician, Fisher dolly, Polaris Tracing Vehicle)

🇫🇮 “Helene” DOP Rauno Ronkainen FSC

(Key grip, Fisher dolly, Jimmy jib, Process trailer operator, Car rigs)

🇬🇧🇸🇪“Undergods” DOP Ray Coates

(Key grip, Fisher dolly)

🇪🇪“O2” DOP Meelis Veeremets ESC

(Key grip, Fisher dolly, Car rigs, Arri SRH-3 technician, Process trailer operator, Dodge ram Shotmaker operator)

🇪🇪“Kalev” DOP Rein Kotov ESC

(Key grip, Panther twister dolly, Car rigs, Richsaw,

Moviebird 24 boom operator, Shotover G1)

🇫🇮“Bad Apples” DOP Hena Blomberg

(Key grip, Fisher dolly, Polaris tracking vehicle)

🇫🇮“Omerta 6/12” DOP Rauno Ronkainen, Mika Orasmaa

(Key grip, Fisher dolly, Car rigs, Polaris tracking vehicle, Blackarm, Arri SRH-3 technician).

🇺🇸“Azrael”  DOP. Mart Taniel

(Key Grip, MB45, Gfm primo dolly, Trinity 2 assistant, Motocrane, Process trailer.

🇺🇸“Deliver Us” DOP Isaac Bauman

( Fisher Dolly, Jimmy Jib, Arri Srh-3, Car rigs, UTV, Blackarm)

🇪🇪“Tume Paradiis” DIR Triin Ruumet

DOP Erik Põllumaa

(Ronin, Readyrig vega, Fisher Dolly, Car Rigs)

🇫🇮 “The Knocking” DOP Matti Eerikäinen

( Fisher Dolly, Jimmy Jib, Ronin, Car rigs, Lowloader trailer)

🇪🇪“ 3. Oktavi F” DOP Sten-Johan Lill

( Panther Twister dolly, Telejib, UTV, Motocrane ultraarm, Low loader)

🇪🇪“8 Views of Lake Biwa” DIR Marko Raat,

DOP Sten-Johan Lill

(Key grip, Boat rigs, Ronin 2 operator)

🇬🇧 “Anna”  DOP. Mike Eley, B cam Matthew Poynter.

( Moviebird 45 boom ope)


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