Janar Volmer


Meet Janar, our seasoned Steadicam and crane operator. His portfolio boasts an impressive array of major Estonian and Finnish television productions, including notable shows like “Eesti Laul,” “The Voice of Finland,” “Elämäni biisi,” and many others.

Janar’s mastery extends to operating specialized equipment like the Motocrane Ultra Arm crane, adding a unique dimension to his repertoire. His precision and finesse behind the camera elevate every shot to a cinematic masterpiece.

When it comes to Janar’s rider list, he keeps it refreshingly straightforward. His only request? A hotel equipped with a gym, and a stocked fridge with protein. It’s a testament to his dedication to both his craft and his personal well-being.

With Janar at the helm, you can expect nothing short of excellence in every frame. He’s not just an operator; he’s a true artist in motion.


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